How to add, edit, and manage your recruitment marketing imagery in the Clinch Talent Gallery

The  Clinch Talent Gallery is the central repository for all images that will be used in your company's recruitment marketing campaigns. These can be images of your workplace, team, projects, past events, and anything else you feel offers value to the candidate when it comes to communicating what it's like to work for your organization. The Gallery makes it easy for you to store, view, and manage all your recruitment marketing imagery in one place.

Using the Clinch Talent Page Editor, you can add, edit, and swap-out these images to generate more candidate engagement with recruitment content that is truly compelling. 

Getting Started

Follow the steps below to add images to your custom Clinch Talent Gallery.

1. From your Clinch Talent dashboard, choose Web pages in the left menu or top navigation.

On the page that follows, select "Gallery" from the top navigation. 

2. To add images stored on your computer, click Upload Photos on the Gallery screen.

3. To import images directly from Instagram, click on the action button > Instagram Import and follow the directions on-screen to search by hashtag or Instagram handle. 

Click on an image to add it to your gallery.

(N.B. If your Clinch Talent account is not yet connected to an Instagram account, you will be prompted to make that connection when you attempt to run the import.)

Editing images in the Clinch Talent Gallery

To edit or enhance an image in your Gallery, click on the image and choose from the various tools available in the pop-up photo editor. Click  Apply > Save, and 'X' out of the editor to return to the Gallery where you will see your updated image. 

Next, use these images to create compelling recruitment marketing content that positions your company as an employer of choice with candidates. 

Fixed size images

Clinch Talent pages are optimized to display certain types of imagery e.g. people working, landscapes, events. Your browser type will determine how these images get cropped - desktop browsers will show a max image height of 540px while mobile devices show a max image height of 260px. 

If you have a requirement to display print media i.e. an image dominated by text, and do not want the image cropped on any resolution, then try this workaround.

1. Delete your existing image block, if you have one.

2. Add a text block, and click the edit icon. Insert an image into the text block by clicking the Insert/edit image icon.

3. Select your image from the "Image list" dropdown

4. Set the width to be 100%. Set the height to blank.

Your image will now stretch to the full width of its containing column. The image height will remain proportional with the width.

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