How to distribute your Clinch Talent content to jobs boards

Using Clinch Talent, you enjoy greater flexibility in the type and quality of content you can share to jobs boards. Follow the steps below to feed your personalised, multimedia-friendly and dynamic content-enabled jobs pages to high-traffic aggregators including Indeed, SimplyHired, and Glassdoor.


1. Navigate to Settings > Channels in the left menu bar.

2. Move the sliders to the right to show green next to the jobs boards to which you'd like your content pushed.

3. If you have existing feeds already pushing to any of the jobs boards listed above –from your ATS, for example– please turn those off now to avoid duplicate listings and to ensure the accuracy of your 'Reports' data in Clinch. 

N.B. Clinch Talent jobs board feeds are updated every day. It is at the discretion of each individual jobs board as to which jobs they do and do not list. 

How to manually share a job from Clinch

The Clinch Jobs Boards feature automates the process of sharing jobs to jobs boards. In the instance that you wish to distribute your jobs to a jobs board that is NOT included on the channels screen, you may do so manually, by following these three simple steps:

1. Login to Clinch and click on 'Jobs' in the top or left menu

2. Click on the clipboard icon in line with the relevant live job to copy the link to that job.

3. Paste the link into LinkedIn, or whatever social management tool you may be using to share and/or schedule posts. 

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