How to edit candidate data in Clinch Talent

An instance may arise in which you need to change or update a candidate's record in Clinch Talent. 

For example, it may become apparent over the course of communicating with a candidate that they prefer to go by a first name that is different to the one listed on their candidate profile. Or, perhaps you would like to update the email address or home address you have on record for a particular candidate. 

To do so, navigate to the relevant candidate's profile by going to  Candidates in the top or left navigation.

Then, use the Search function to find the candidate, or, locate them in a list. Click on that candidate's name.

On the candidate profile, click on the action button adjacent to the candidate's name. Select "Edit" from the dropdown.

When the Edit Candidate screen appears, make your desired changes by clicking into the relevant text field.

Once you have finished editing, hit  Save

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