How to use the Clinch Talent sourcing pipeline

By default, every job in Clinch Talent has a sourcing pipeline. The Clinch Talent sourcing pipeline has two primary goals: 

  • To get candidates into your ATS
  • To surface relevant candidates who have interacted with your content but haven’t yet applied

There are two ways to access the sourcing pipeline:

1. On the main dashboard, click on a job.

2. Click Jobs in the left or top menu, then click on the sourcing pipeline icon in line with the relevant job. 

How it works:

The pipeline uses behavioral analysis to recommend candidates for a particular role, basing that recommendation off of the candidates’ previous interactions with similar jobs. 

Candidate Pools

The first stage in the Clinch Talent sourcing pipeline is the “Pool” stage, which encompasses two columns:

Clinch Suggests — automatically pulls in candidates our system feels might be worth looking at for that particular role. 

My Pool — a collection of candidates built by you. 

1. To add a list of candidates to your pool, click on the action button to the right of the pipeline and from the dropdown, select Add from list and choose the appropriate list.

2. On each candidate listing in the pipeline, you will see a series of icons that include:

  • First and last touch: candidate’s very first and most recent visit to your content
  • No. of job applications: the number of Apply CTAs a candidate has filled out across your content
  • Source: how the candidate found your content / where he or she came from
  • Interaction score: a rating based on that candidate's level of interaction with your content. If you see a candidate who you would like to message or “Watch” (i.e. receive an email notification when that candidate visits your careers content again), you can do so by clicking the action button on the card and clicking the appropriate icon.

In Progress

If you choose to message a candidate and do so from the pipeline itself by clicking on the message icon, once that message has been delivered, you will see that candidate automatically move into the next stage of the pipeline — “In Progress.” This status refers to the fact that having been delivered a message, that candidate is now actively being nurtured — the ultimate goal being to convert them into an applicant.

Once the candidate opens your message, he or she will progress into  Email Opened, and, if your mail included a link to a job (as seen in the example below), and the candidate clicks on that link, then into the Job Viewed column.

Those candidates who appear in the CTA column have completed a non-apply CTA on a page associated with that particular pipeline job. 

When a candidate fills out the apply CTA on that jobs page, he or she will proceed to the “Application Started” stage. It's necessary to include both "Application Started" and "Application Completed" columns because a candidate does not complete the application process in Clinch Talent. The goal of our platform is to help companies identify and convert the best candidates for them — including those who would otherwise not apply. 

Once a candidate fills out an apply CTA on a job page, he or she will be redirected to your ATS to complete the application. Depending on the ATS and its ability to feed back the necessary information to Clinch Talent, they will appear in the “ Application Completed” column.

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