How to manually unsubscribe candidates from emails

It may be the case that a particular candidate no longer needs to receive automated emails sent through Clinch Talent. 

To stop a candidate from receiving any further emails, you will need to unsubscribe them.

You can do this by following these simple steps:

1. Go to Candidates in the left or top menu.

2. On the Candidate Lists screen, find the candidate in question by performing a Simple Search, or, click into the list you know them to be a part of.3. When you see the relevant candidate, click on the Action Button in line. From the dropdown, select Unsubscribe.

4. You can also unsubscribe a candidate by clicking on the Action Button in their Candidate Profile, and selecting Unsubscribe from the dropdown. 

N.B. It is not possible for a team member to re-subscribe a candidate. However, if a previously unsubscribed candidate subsequently completes a Call-to-Action, he or she will have opted back into the system —in effect, re-subscribing.

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