How to create a Smart List around a custom form field in Clinch Talent

When you create a new form field using the  Clinch Talent form builder and opt to have it included as a data type in the Advanced Search feature, the form field will automatically also become available as a data type around which you can create a Smart List. 

This allows list-population to be ongoing: any candidate who enters information in the form field that meets the conditions set by the Smart List query will automatically be added to that list.

For more information on Smart Lists in Clinch Talent, please see the dedicated help doc. here.

Getting Started

1. In the top of left menu, click Candidates. Then, click on the action button in the Lists table and from the dropdown, select New List to create.

2. Name your list and select "Smart List" from the dropdown where "Static List" is showing by default.

3. Click to open the dropdown below "Build your Smart List query." Select your custom form field which you should see in the list alongside the name of the Call-to-Action in which it features. In the example below, you'll see that the CTA is "Form-type CTA demo" and the custom form field, "Department preferences."

4. Once you have made your selection, choose "equal" or "not equal," and enter the value around which you wish to build the list. The value will be directly related to the information the candidate enters in that form field.

Since the name of the list in the example above is "Candidates with Marketing Dept. Preference," the value we'd enter in this query is "Marketing." 

  5. Hit SAVE, or, add another rule to build out your Smart List query, and then SAVE.

You will be returned to the Candidates screen where you should see your new Smart List, and alongside it, in the COUNT column, the number of candidates who were pulled in based on the rule(s) set. 

Remember, because this is a Smart List, any candidate who enters into the system at any stage via the call-to-action that houses the specified form field, and who meets the query criteria, will automatically be added to this list. 

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