How to search candidates by custom form field entry in Clinch Talent

When you create a new form field using the Clinch Talent form builder, you have the option of having that field represented in the platform’s Advanced Search feature as an additional data type around which you can construct your candidate search.

This means you can search for, view, and segment into a list, all candidates according to the information they entered into a custom form field.

Example: In the form below, the custom field asks candidates to indicate which departments they are most interested in.

Assuming the "Show this in Advanced Search" box has been checked at the form building stage, this field will appear as a data type in Advanced Search, with users then being able to search for candidates based on their response to the question i.e. all candidates for whom "department preferences" equals "Marketing" or "Engineering" or "Administration & Support."

Getting Started

To include a custom form field as a data type in Advanced Search, the relevant box must be checked in the form builder.

You can do this retroactively by following these steps:

  • Go to Content > Calls-to-action in the left menu
  • Click on "Form - ? field(s)" hyperlink in the TYPE column adjacent to your call-to-action
  • Click the edit/pencil icon in line with the custom form field

This will take you to the form field builder where you can then check the box that instructs the system to include this field as a data type in Advanced Search. 

Candidate search by custom form field input

1. To carry out a form field-based candidate search, click on Candidates in the top or left menu. You will arrive at a screen that shows all the candidate lists created in your company's account to date. 

2. Click into the list titled, "All Candidates & Applicants."

3. To create the first "Rule" for your search i.e. the condition that must be met by candidates in order for them to appear in the results, click on the dropdown in the 'Filter Candidates' column to select the data type. 

In this instance, you are searching for your new form field, presented in the following structure: [CTA NAME]:[FIELD NAME]

In the example below, the call-to-action is "Form-type CTA demo" and the name of the field we'll be searching results for, "Department preferences."

4. Make your selection, choose "equal" or "not equal," and enter the value by which you wish to search candidates. The value will be directly related to the information the candidate enters in that form field.

Using the first image on this page as an example, the value would equal "Marketing," for example, or "Engineering" or "Administration & Support." 

N.B. If the custom field you created is a text field — "Short text field" or "Large text area" — you can enter a keyword as the value. The latter in particular is useful when you're trying to find a candidate based on their cover letter content, for example. 

5. Hit return to generate the list of relevant candidates, or add to your query with another rule. For more on this, please see our article on Advanced Search in Clinch Talent.

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