How to find a candidate in Clinch Talent: advanced search

Simple search is the quick and easy way to find candidates in Clinch Talent. It works best when your search is based around a single data type such as candidate first name, city, or tag, for example. You'll find more on the simple search here.

When more specific search queries are required, you can use the "Advanced Search" option.

How it works

In the top or left menu, click on Candidates. 

You will arrive at a screen that shows all the candidate lists created in your company's account to date. 

To carry out an Advanced Search of all candidates in your system, click on the list titled "All Candidates & Applicants." In the "Filter Candidates" box, begin building your Advanced Search query by entering the first "Rule" i.e. the criteria that must be met by candidates in order for them to appear in the results.

Click on the "+" button to select the first data type — First Name, Email, Call-to-Action etc. Then, in the adjacent field(s), enter a value for that data type — First Name " equals Maura," or Page Views "greater than 5," for example.Add to your advanced search criteria by choosing an "AND/OR" component to introduce the next Rule.

For example:

"Call-to-action is equal to Ruby on Rails Download  AND tag equals 'candidate of interest'"

The resulting query will automatically return candidates who meet BOTH these requirements.

Another valid search might be:

"City equals New York"  OR "Tag is equal to 'candidate of interest' "
This generates a list of all candidates who meet one or other requirement.To save the results as a Smart List that will continue to update with any new candidate who enters the system and matches the criteria set, click "Save as List."

Edit your advanced search

To change your Advanced Search criteria and generate a new set of results, you can Add or Delete a rule at any time.

Go to Candidates in the top menu and scroll to find your previously saved list. Then, click on the pencil icon to the right of the row to edit your Advanced Search criteria. Once you're done editing, hit Save to generate the updated list.

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