How to edit a list and add / remove candidates in Clinch Talent

Once you have created several lists in Clinch Talent, you may wish to make changes — changing a list name, for example, or adding and removing candidates.

Editing a list

In the left or top menu, click on  Candidates.

  1. To edit a list —to rename it, for example— click on the Edit/pencil icon. If you wish to update the query you’re using to create a smart list, you will do this via Edit, too. Hit Save.
  2. To hide a list from view, click on the Archive/trash icon.N.B. You can only archive lists that are NOT currently in use in a Workflow.

For more on Workflows in Clinch Talent, please see the associated help doc.

Adding or removing candidates from a static list

Candidates can be manually added to or removed from static lists only.

This is because a smart list is dynamic and updates continuously based on the query you set when you created that list. If you wish to add or remove a candidate or candidates from a smart list, you must edit the smart list query so that it includes or excludes those individuals.

For more on Static and Smart lists in Clinch Talent, please see the associated help doc. 

To add or remove a candidate from a static list:

In the left or top menu, click on Candidates, and perform a Simple or Advanced Search to find the relevant individual(s).  (For help with candidate searching in Clinch Talent, please see the associated help doc.)

If you wish to add or remove ALL candidates that appear in your search results, put a check mark in the top box in line with NAME, INTERACTION, RECENT LOCATION etc.

If you wish to add or remove specific individuals:

  1. put a check mark next to the relevant candidate(s) 
  2. Click on the list icon in the top right corner and select the list or lists you wish to add / remove that candidate to / from. Click the appropriate "Add/Remove" button. The updated list should refresh automatically.Adding Candidates to a Static List Using Workflow

Candidates can also be added to a static list automatically using the Workflow tool. To learn how to create a workflow, please visit our document, " How to Create a Workflow in Clinch Talent". 

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