How to create a Workflow in Clinch Talent

In Clinch Talent, a  Workflow is a series of automated actions triggered when a candidate completes a call-to-action. By automating important steps in the "nurture" stage of the recruitment marketing process, Workflows in Clinch Talent allows for more effective, more efficient recruiting overall.

For example, when a candidate completes a call-to-action that asks them to register their interest in a recruitment event, you could create a workflow that automatically sends an email to that candidate acknowledging their registration.

You can choose whether to have your Workflow triggered by any/all candidate(s) who complete a particular call-to-action, or, by those candidates who complete that call-to-action AND meet additional criteria. 

For a step-by-step guide on how to use an automated Workflow to encourage candidates to revisit and complete a job application, click here

Follow the steps below to activate a Workflow in Clinch Talent now. 

1. In the left menu, go to Workflows and click the green "+" button to create a Workflow. 

2. Name your workflow and choose the Workflow trigger from the dropdown. 

N.B. Where the trigger is Call-to-Action:

  • You will be prompted to select the relevant CTA. 
  • Choosing a web campaign with which to associate the workflow is optional. Where the CTA is used in multiple places and you choose to associate the workflow with a web campaign, note that the workflow will only run when the CTA is performed within that web campaign. 

Where the CTA is 'Apply URL,' you also have the option to run the workflow against a specific job or jobs. You can specify which job(s) by populating the Job criteria field. 

3. In response to "When would you like to run this workflow?", you can choose from:

  • Always
  • If the candidate matches search criteria

If your Workflow is conditional — that is, triggered only by those candidates who complete the call-to-action AND who meet certain criteria — you will be asked to set the criteria in the builder that appears below.

For more information on using the query builder, please see our article on using Advanced Search in Clinch.


4. Next, build out your Workflow by adding steps. These are the actions that will occur automatically once a candidate completes the previously-selected call-to-action, and, where designated, matches with the pre-set criteria. 

Click on the "+" button to add a Workflow step.

5. Using the explanations below as a guide, choose your Workflow step:

  • Email – to send an email to the candidate or a team member
  • SMS – to send an SMS to the candidate
  • Add candidate to a list – to add candidate to a static list only
  • Delay – to add a delay of days, hours, or minutes before the workflow action
  • If/else branch – to automate different actions depending on whether a boolean condition evaluates to true or false. For example, "If job application status equal 'Started,'" then "Add candidate to a list."  

If additional prompts appear, e.g. "How long will the workflow be delayed for?", make your selections accordingly. 

6. Hit Save and review your Workflow on the screen that follows.

  • To add more steps, click the  "+" button. 

N.B. Please note that new workflows are live by default. You can pause your workflow at any time by navigating to the Workflows screen, clicking on the pause action icon in line with the appropriate workflow. 

Action icons:

  1. Edit workflow
  2. Pause workflow
  3. View workflow history
  4. Workflow report
  5. Archive workflow 

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