Connect a domain to Clinch Talent


In order to connect a domain to Clinch Talent, your domain's name server host must have the ability to point a CNAME record to Clinch Talent.

The following DNS entry needs to be made in your chosen domain:

<subdomain>   CNAME   <cust-???>

Note: You'll be given the exact CNAME entry by your on-boarding team.

Clinch Talent requires the use of a CNAME to take advantage of the geographic-based load balancing platform. To be more specific, the platform is not rendered from a single IP address, and therefore no IP addresses can be provided.

CNAME records provide the global performance necessary to render sites faster as our platform is delivered via local servers nearest to the requesting browser's geographic location.

Naked domains

Additionally, if you are connecting your entire site to Clinch Talent, your name server host must have the ability to set-up a  301 redirect from your non-www domain to your www subdomain, connected to Clinch Talent via a CNAME.

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