This guide will walk you through the process of integrating your Jobvite account with Clinch Talent.

How it works

Integrating Jobvite with Clinch Talent is easy. You can start by navigating to the integrations page (Settings > Integrations) and clicking on the Jobvite logo.

Your Jobvite account manager or support contact can give you the following elements of information:

  • API Key
  • API Secret
  • Company Code / Company ID

Before API Key is generated you should make sure that the key has access to both of these APIs:

  • Get Requisitions / Job Feed API
  • Get Candidate API

Also, before the "redirect to Apply" process will work, you need to have a Jobvite hosted career site activated. If you've job published with Jobvite already, this is likely to be in place.

Candidate Workflow States

To assist Clinch Talent in tracking the status of a candidate, you need to input in all the valid workflow states that a candidate could be in. This will depend on your company's own setup. Each state should ideally be in lowercase and separated by commas (as shown in the example above).

Machine Learning

To assist Clinch Talent in tracking successful and unsuccessful candidates, and feed our machine learning systems, you should list out (comma separated) workflow states that you consider:

  • Success States
  • Failure State

What you consider successful again, depends on your own unique company workflow and practices. Contact if you require any advice or clarifications.

That's it, the integration is now set-up!

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