Getting Started

This guide will walk you through the process of integrating your Lever account with Clinch Talent.

Integrating Lever with Clinch Talent is easy. You can start by navigating to the integrations page (Settings > ATSIntegrations) and clicking on the Lever logo.

Machine Learning

To assist Clinch Talent in tracking successful and unsuccessful candidates and feed our machine learning systems, you should list out workflow states that you consider to be:
  • Success States
  • Failure State
Each state should ideally be in lowercase and separated by commas.
N.B. What you consider successful depends on your own unique company workflow and practices. Contact  support@clinchtalent.com if you require any advice or clarifications.

Next, navigate to  the Lever API integrations page and click the 'Generate New API Key' button. Fill out the name field (e.g. 'Clinch') and select the following permissions: 

  1. Read Candidate
  2. List Stages
  3. List Requisitions
  4. List Postings
  5. List Candidates
  6. List Candidate Applications
  7. List Archive Reasons
  8. Read Candidate Application
  9. List Candidate Resumes
  10. Download Candidate Resume

Copy the API Key and click done.

Note: Clinch only requires Read Permissions and does not perform any writes back to Lever.

Paste your API key into the API Key field on the Clinch Talent page.

You'll need to obtain your company code. This code is present in the URL for each Lever job posting. For example, if your company is Acme, a typical job URL will look like the following:  https://jobs.lever.co/acme/413e3661-asdf-asdf-asdfc-bb4fd06asdfg. In this URL acme is the company code.

Once all of this information has been filled out, click  Activate.

Importing Jobs

Only Jobs that have a location field in Lever will be pulled into Clinch Talent. Any updates to the Job should only be made in Lever as it is not possible to do so in Clinch Talent. Changes to the job in Lever should transfer across to Clinch Talent soon after your updates have been made.

Publishing Pages

In order to publish a job in Clinch Talent, head over to Lever and update the status of the job. This change will propagate over to Clinch Talent and set the page status to publish.

That's it, the integration is now set-up!

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