This guide will walk you through the process of integrating your Greenhouse account with Clinch Talent.

In order to import jobs from Greenhouse the jobs must be accessible from a public jobs board.

In Greenhouse, you are able to make a job live without it being pushed to any other 3rd party source (i.e. only someone with that link will see the job).  To make a job Live,  click on the Job then select "Job Setup > Job Post > Get Started".  Once you complete the Job Post, click on the and job then click "Job Setup > Job Post > Switch the Job from Off to Live" (screenshot below). 

Step 1: 
In order to ensure that the job is not published anywhere externally ensure the options for pushing the job to Indeed, Glassdoor, Simply Hired etc. are not checked.
Step 2 

How to integrate Greenhouse with Clinch Talent

Here is a step-by-step video on setting up the integration, with instructions in print below.

Integrating Greenhouse with Clinch Talent is easy. You can start by navigating to the integrations page (Settings > ATS Integration) and clicking on the Greenhouse logo.

In Greenhouse, navigate to the  API integrations page and click the 'Create New API Key' button. Fill out the description field (e.g. 'Clinch'), select 'Partner' as a type and select 'Clinch' as the client application. Copy the API key and head back to Clinch Talent.

In your Clinch account, paste the API key into the Partner API Key field. You can find your company code by looking at the  Greenhouse Job Board documentation. By inspecting the urls that begin with at the top of page, you can find the code. The url is of the form<company_code>. So if your url is then your company code is acmelimited.

In your Clinch Talent account, click 'save' on the ATS Integration Settings page, and you will be brought to the job import history page. Click the 'Sync' button to import your jobs from Greenhouse.

Setting Up Webhooks

Once you have your Greenhouse API details saved in Clinch Talent, you can set up Greenhouse webhooks to keep candidate status in Clinch Talent and in Greenhouse in sync. 

In Clinch Talent, navigate to the Greenhouse Integration settings form.

In Clinch Talent, copy the Webhook Secret Token and the Webhook URL from the form. In Greenhouse, open the  webhook configuration form. There are 4 webhooks to be created:
  1. 'Candidate has submitted application'
  2. 'Candidate has changed stage'
  3. 'Candidate or Prospect rejected'
  4. 'Candidate has been hired'

For each of these webhooks:

  • Create a suitable name e.g. "Clinch - Candidate has submitted application"
  • Set the "When" dropdown e.g. "Candidate has submitted application"
  • Copy the Clinch Talent "Webhook URL" to the "Endpoint URL"
  • Copy the Clinch Talent "Webhook Secret Token" to the "Secret Key" field.
  • Make sure Disabled is set to "No"
  • Click the "Create Web hook" button.

Once these steps have been complete, changes in your candidate status in Greenhouse will be reflected in Clinch Talent.

Note: Make sure to make 4 webhooks i.e. one for each of the above states

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