Typical on-boarding steps


The following outlines a typical Clinch Talent on-boarding process. Many of these steps can happen in parallel.

Your Clinch Account Manager will guide you through the process.


Step Description
1 Kickoff Determine scope of the project.
  • Any customizations?
  • What integrations are required?
  • Produce a project timeline/timeframe plan.
2 Domains Choose what domain the Clinch Talent platform will be deployed on. See Domain and SSL options for detailed information.
3 SSL Certificate Provide appropriate SSL certificate to match the domain selected in step 2 above.See  Supplying an SSL Certificate for detailed information.
4 Integrations Configure integrations or commission engineering work if a new integration is part of the on-boarding.
5 Theme design Install the required theme design. Clinch Talent can work with customers' design teams or provide resources to produce themes in-house.
6 Initial page Ensure that domain + ssl + theme all work together to produce an initial landing page.
7 User accounts Provision user accounts. See Provisioning User Accounts for detailed information.
8 Live Provision system in Clinch Talent cloud and hand-over to customer.

Security docs

Typically a customer's internal IT security will like to review the following documents:

Security Architecture

SSL Certificate Test Results

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