Security Groups


Security Groups can be used to restrict content to specified network addresses and ranges. The security groups can be accessed from the Settings > Company Settings > Manage Security Groups option.

Once security groups have been defined, they can be applied to content at the "campaign" level.

Adding a new security group & rules

  •  Go to Settings > Company Settings > Manage Security Groups.
  • Click on the large plus (+) option.
  • Give your new security group a suitable name.
  •  A new security group is created. You now need to add network rules to the group. 
  • Click on the new group name. This will list all the rules of the group (none at present).
  • Click again on the large plus (+) option.
  • Insert a valid CIDR address or network range. You can find out more about the CIDR format here.
  • You'll see your new rules listed.
  •  You can add as many rules as you wish to a security group. The rules can overlap with other rules in any other security groups you may have defined.

If you are unsure of the correct CIDR rules for your own network environment or business case, please contact your local network administrator for the details.

Using security groups

 Once your security groups are defined, you are ready to use them. They are applied at a campaign level. By default, all published content on a campaign is visible to the world.

If you wish to restrict the content of a campaign to a security group:

  • Navigate to the campaign
  • Edit the campaign
  • Select the appropriate security group as shown:
  •  All published content is now restricted to that security group. Any users outside the security groups network rules will be presented with a HTTP 403 error page, indicating that they are forbidden from viewing or interacting with the content

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